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Fire in wood-burning stove in brick fireplace

Years' Experience


Stove Installation and Repairs


At Northshore Heating & Plumbing, I specialise in fitting both wood burning and multi-fuel stoves (using smokeless coal and wood) in homes across Tyneside.

Whether you have an existing fireplace or chimney or not, as a HETAS approved installer, I can provide a comprehensive installation service that meets your needs. For homes without a chimney, I can install a twin wall system, creating a chimney to ensure proper ventilation and safety for your new stove.

Over 1500 Stoves Installed in the North East

Comprehensive Stove Installation Services

Northshore Heating & Plumbing provide everything needed for a seamless stove installation in your home. My services include:


  • Supplying the Liner Kit and Materials: I bring all necessary materials for a complete installation, ensuring everything is of the highest quality.

  • Tiling and Hearth Installation: I can also tile and install a hearth, giving your stove a beautiful and safe base.

  • Supplying the Stove: While I can supply the stove itself, you are also welcome to source your own stove for installation.

Traditional black wood burning stove

Partnering with Local Experts

If you have an existing chimney and/or fireplace, I partner with a trusted local chimney sweep to ensure everything is in perfect working order before installing your new stove. Here’s what I offer:


  • Chimney Relining: I reline old chimneys with a flue liner, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

  • Cowl Installation: I fit a cowl on top of your existing chimney to improve draft and safety.

  • Cherry Picker for Liner Installation: To avoid the need and hassle of scaffolding, I use a cherry picker to install the chimney liner.

Why choose Northshore?

Certified and Insured for Your Protection

  • HETAS approved to ensure all installations meet stringent safety standards.

  • Public liability insurance up to £2 million for your peace of mind.

Extensive Installation Experience

  • Over 1500 stoves installed across the North East.

  • Proven expertise in handling any installation challenge with efficiency and high quality.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

  • Dedicated to quality service, backed by extensive experience and professional certification.

  • Your home's safety and comfort are my top priorities.

Black wood burning stove

Stove Repairs and Maintenance

In addition to installations, I also provide repair services for existing stoves. Whether you need new glass, replacement parts, or any other fixes, I am here to help. My repair services ensure your stove remains in perfect working order, keeping your home warm and cosy.

For expert stove installation and repairs, contact Northshore Heating & Plumbing today. Call to discuss your needs and schedule a free, no-obligation quote. Let me bring warmth and comfort to your home with a beautifully installed wood or multi-fuel burning stove.

Fire flames on dark background

Ready to Transform Your Home with a New Stove?

With over 1500 stoves installed and HETAS approved certification, you can trust me to deliver safe, efficient, and high-quality service.


Call Northshore Heating & Plumbing to get started and book your free, no-obligation quote today.

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